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Light Resin
Polybond Lightly Resin Bonded mattress

Polybond LRB mattress is made of fine fibers spun from selected minerls melted at high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. The uniform distribution, the fine diameter and flexibility...Read More

Resin Bond
Polybond Resin Bonded Slabs

Polybond’s Resin Bonded Slabs provide the best combination of thermal insulation, fire protection and sound absorption properties conforming to standards IS: 8183:93, ASTM C 612 and BS-3958B-5...Read More

Polybond Sectional Pipe Insulation

The pre-fabricated Pipe Sections is a value added product manufactured with chemically coated mineral fibers in specified sizes. It is designed for thermo-acoustic insulation and fire protection...Read More

Polybond Building Rolls

Polybond Building Rolls are made of bonded fiber insulation having maximum resistance to the passage of heat. These are made of fine fibers spun from molten rocks of selected quality and chemically...Read More

Polybond Superfine Loose Mineral & Granulated Wool

Polybond Superfine Loose Mineral Wool is a collection of fine fibers drawn from molten selected basalt rocks. The Mineral Wool is an ideal material for most insulation applications because...Read More

‘Polybond’ Lamella Mat

‘Polybond’ Lamella Mat is formed from strips of Mineral wool bonded on edge to a flexible outer facing. Lamella Mat is particularly suitable for the insulation of heating and ventilation pipe work...Read More