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Polybond Building Rolls

Polybond Building Rolls are made of bonded fiber insulation having maximum resistance to the passage of heat. These are made of fine fibers spun from molten rocks of selected quality and chemically coated with thermosetting resin binders. It consists of triple benefits like thermal insulation, fire protection and acoustical properties. It can also be used for personnel protection which do not generate smoke and melt drops. Building Rolls are low density insulation material made of non-combustible mineral fibers bonded with thermosetting resin binders. The product is easy and safe to use, cut & install.* Polybond Building Rolls are machine made factory laminated with reinforced aluminium foil or White Fiber Glass Tissue or Black Fiber Glass Tissue or Craft Paper on one side and are also available in water repellent grade. Building roll, being a thermal insulation material, stops the heat flow and conserves lots of energy used in maintaining room temperature. With its sound absorption & acoustic insulation properties, outside noise can’t enter. Its most important feature is the fire retention which provides safety from fire accidents and gives that extra time to save a life.


Polybond Building Rolls are developed for the insulation of roofs, walls and floors. These temperature resistant rolls are best suitable for use in pre-engineered buildings, pre-fabricated houses, poultry farms, airports, auditoriums, AC ducting, etc. These are also recommended for thermal insulation material & acoustic insulation material in false ceilings. Building Roll is very quick and easy installation of the material which makes the building envelope or the interiors absolutely airtight.

Standard Availability

Densities: 48 kg/mᶟ to 64 kg/mᶟ
Size: 1100mm (width)x [4000mm to 10000mm] (length)
Packed in LD plastic and HDPE bags
Thicknesses: 25 mm to 100mm

Product Features

Thermal Conductivity

It has excellent thermal conductivity values when tested in accordance with IS 8183:93.


It is compatible with all kinds of material with which they are likely to come in contact in building and industrial applications.

Moisture Resistence

It is also available with water repellent property which does not absorb water by capillary action.

Biological Properties

Our rolls do not contain or generate gases which are harmful to the environment, such as CFC'S , HCFC'S, HFC'S, Pentane or any gases that have Ozone depletion potential (ODP) or Global warming potential (GWP).

Fire Resistence

Our Building Rolls are non-combustible when tested to IS 8183:93.

Acoustical Properties

It has got excellent sound absorption properties.

Service Temperature

It can withstand temperature up 50° 750°C and has a melting point of 1000°C.


It is one side faced with reinforced Aluminium foil or White Fiber Glass Tissue or Black Fiber Glass Tissue or Plain Craft Paper.